Honda Rearview Report: June 14 - June 20, 2014

"This week's announcement of J.D. Power and Associates annual Initial Quality Study reflected some opportunities for improvements in the design and function of in-vehicle connectivity and telematics systems. We offer cutting-edge capabilities that we will continue to make even more intuitive, even as customers become increasingly comfortable with the technology and the interface.

But in terms of customer perceptions of quality, over the past several weeks, we have received a number of key industry metrics from ALG and Edmunds that shine a light on the long-term quality and value customers associate with the Honda and Acura brands. ranked Honda and Acura as the top brands for retained value after five years of vehicle ownership – with vehicle quality and customers' product experience playing a big part in resale value. And ALG put Honda on top of the rankings for customer's perceptions of vehicle quality.

We take these as positive indicators of our fundamental strength in delivering long-term quality, durability and reliability to our customers, and it's why we are so committed to maintaining these values as hallmarks of the Honda brand."

- John Mendel
Executive Vice President, Automobile Division
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


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