1988 Acura Legend Brakes-ALB

Power-assisted 4-wheel disc brakes are another standard item on all Legend models. The hydraulic system is dual diagonal. If a hydraulic line breaks, the other circuit (on two diagonally opposed wheels) will still function

In addition, Legend L and LS versions feature an exclusive Honda Research and Development Co., Ltd. designed Anti-Lock Braking (ALB) system that prevents lockup at any wheel. The ALB system is different in principle and design from systems available from other manufacturers. Unlike other systems, the Legend's ALB has two hydraulic: circuits and an electronic control circuit. The primary hydraulic system functions in the conventional manner, using master cylinder and power-assist to operate the brake calipers. Under normal conditions, this system provides all the braking.

During normal driving operation, information from the sensors at each wheel is analyzed by the system's Electronic Control Unit (ECU). If impending lockup is sensed at any wheel, the ECU actuates solenoid valves (one pair for each front wheel and one pair for the rear wheels) which modulate the control pistons up to ten times per second. This allows the wheel to continue to rotate (rather than lockup), so the driver retains stability and steering control.

The independence of the two hydraulic systems, in effect, make the Legend ALB a "fail safe" system design. Should a failure occur in the ALB circuit, normal braking is provided by the primary hydraulic circuit If the ALB system computer detects any system failure, a warning light on the instrument panel is illuminated.

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