1993 Acura Legend Coupe Introduced

The Acura Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., today announced the introduction of the 1993LegendCoupe. As the flagship of the Legend line of luxury performance automobiles,the Coupe features a number of significant improvements for 1993. Among these are a more powerful, 230-horsepower,V-6all-aluminum engine,a new 6-speedmanual transmission and a performance-enhancing Traction Control System(TCS).

"The 1993 Legend Coupe demonstrates the Acura commitment to building some of the most technically advanced and sophisticated luxury performance automobiles on the road. This is a powerful, personal luxury automobile that provides the driver with an exhilarating driving experience coupled with comfort and safety,"said Ed Taylor, Vice President, Acura Division. The new Legend Coupe is powered by an all-aluminum, 3.2-liter, 24-valve, SOHC V-6 engine, producing 230 horsepower, an increase of 30 horsepower over the 1992 Coupe. It features an advanced, three-stage Variable Induction System to increase torque throughout the engine's operating range, and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) to help ensure optimum performance under all driving conditions. While the displacement remains the same as the 1992 Coupe engine, a number of refinements, such as improved induction and exhaust systems including high-performance camshafts and larger intake valves, have boosted horsepower and responsiveness.

Available in L and LS editions, both 1993 Coupe models feature a new engine mounting system, reduced levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), and a smoother-shifting, optional 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. The new 6-speed manual transmission was designed to improve responsiveness and performance, as well as to enhance efficiency.

The LS version features an advanced Traction Control System (TCS) similar to the one found in the NSX sports car. Using the wheel-speed sensors of the Anti-Lock Braking System, the TCS control unit reduces engine power to maximize traction and performance under slippery road conditions. The engine and transmission are longitudinally mounted to achieve the ideal 60/40 weight balance for a front-wheel-drive performance luxury car. The Coupe's suspension for 1993 has been recalibrated to provide sportier handling and more precise road feel. A racing-inspired front and rear double-wishbone suspension delivers responsive handling combined with excellent ride quality.

Four-wheel disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, and a standard Anti- Lock Braking System (ABS) helps the driver retain steering control during hard braking. To provide maximum braking efficiency, the 1993 Coupe also features dual-piston front brake calipers and thicker front rotors.

To help maximize performance and handling, the L model features IS-inch alloy wheels with Michelin MXV4205/60 R15 91V All Season tires. The LS model now features 16-inch alloy wheels with Michelin XGT-V4215/55 Rl6 91V All Season performance tires.

For ease of control at lower speeds, and precise road feel at all speeds, an advanced, electronically controlled, speed-sensitive, variable power-assisted, rack-and-pinion steering system is incorporated. The Legend Coupe was designed for aerodynamic efficiency while retaining its elegant styling. The exterior finish is achieved by using a sophisticated 23- step, 4-coat, 4-bake painting process. Both the L and LS models receive body colored side mouldings and bumpers.

The configuration of the unit-body chassis incorporates specific impact absorption zones, to help minimize injury to the occupants in the event of a collision. Both Legend Coupe models feature a driver's and passenger's side air bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), with automatic seat belt tensioners as standard equipment.

To further minimize noise and vibration, the Legend Coupe has received additional soundproofing and vibration reduction improvements. The automatic transmission shift program has been revised to reduce shift-shock and harshness A newly designed engine mount system significantly reduces vibration at idle as well as at road speeds. To further reduce wind noise and noise intrusion, thicker window glass has been utilized throughout. To block out road noise, additional soundproofing material has been installed under the dash and under the rear parcel shelf as well as other selected areas of the body structure. Reinforcements in the unit-body structure also contribute to a reduction of noise and vibration, and the suspension calibrations have been refined and improved to offer a smoother ride without compromising the precise handling and response of the Coupe.

The luxurious, driver-oriented interior is not only rich in feel and appearance, but is also designed to the most exacting ergonomic standards. A leather trimmed interior is standard in all Legend Coupe models for 1993. The LS features burled walnut trim on the center console and door inserts. Slim roof pillars offer an open, spacious greenhouse for excellent all-around visibility, and each instrument and control is designed and positioned for easy access and operation.

Both models feature an 8-way power driver's seat with a memory function, while the LS model also includes a 4-way power passenger seat and heated front seats. New for 1993 are a power passenger seat slide system and a power door-lock logic system. The power passenger seat slide offers greater convenience for entering and exiting the rear seats. A power door-latching system automatically pulls the doors a few millimeters tighter against seals to help prevent wind noise. The revised power door-lock logic system allows the driver to unlock the driver's door, or all doors, from the driver's side of the vehicle, using the key.

Interior comfort is provided by the air conditioning and heating system found standard on Legend Coupe models, while an Automatic Climate Control System is standard on LS models. Both models utilize environmentally safe, non-CFC refrigerant for the air conditioning system. A power-operated moonroof is standard on both models. The L model Coupe features an 8-speaker Acura/Bose® Music System with an FM diversity antenna. The LS model features a state-of-the-art Acura/Bose® Premium Music System with 8 speakers. A multi-disc CD changer and hands free cellular telephone are also available as dealer-installed options. All Legend sound systems have an anti-theft feature as standard equipment. In addition, all Coupes are equipped with an automatic security system that disables the ignition and activates the horn and headlights upon unauthorized entry.

The Legend Coupe with the 6-speed manual transmission achieves 17 mpg/ city and 25 mpg/highway, while the automatic transmission version achieves 18 mpg/city and 23 mpg/highway. Prices for the 1993 Legend Coupe range from $34,450 for the L model with manual transmission to $38,650 for the top-of-the-line LS model with automatic transmission.

All Legend Coupe models are covered by a new 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty.

The Acura Division offers a full range of performance luxury automobiles that includes the NSX, the Legend Sedan and Coupe, the Vigor, and the Integra 3- and 4-door sports sedans.

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