Acura CL-X Concept Car Makes World Premier

Acura Automobile Division provided a glimpse into the future at the North American International Auto Show today, with the world debut of a futuristic Acura Sports Coupe concept car code named CL-X.

Acura is giving the public an advance look at what will ultimately become a new-made- in America Acura model. "The CL-X is more than just a styling exercise," said Rich Thomas, Acura executive vice president. "The overall styling theme of the CL-X concept car will actually be utilized in an exciting new Acura model that will be designed, engineered and manufactured here in the USA."

The CL-X concept car was designed exclusively in the USA by a special project team at Honda R&D North America's Los Angeles design studio.

Based on a "Neo-Classic" design theme, the Acura concept car integrates futuristic styling with classic luxury sports coupe design. The exterior utilizes a strong center character line to compliment a sculpted wedge design.

The high-fashion interior features specially contoured seating for each occupant and accentuates the driver-oriented aspect of the sports coupe by featuring wrap-around instrumentation and center console with a special command center for interior functions.

Designed on a 106.9-inch wheelbase and 63.2-inch tread width, the CL-X also features special carbon fiber and aluminum composite wheels, 18" front and 19" rear, to enhance styling while improving cornering capabilities.

Keeping with Acura's luxury image, the CL-X features a full compliment of luxury amenities, convenience features and safety appointments.

The CL-X concept car is just one of several new Acura vehicles to be introduced during the coming months. "Acura's future is very bright," according to Thomas. "During the next 18 months, we will introduce several exciting new models which will ensure Acura's position as the number-one luxury import nameplate in the country."

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