1996 Acura SLX- Structure


The Acura SLX is built on a separate box-section steel ladder-type frame, with seven cross members for optimum rigidity and durability. All exterior body panels are stamped from 100% double-coated galvanized steel, for excellent long-term corrosion resistance. Exterior panels are coated with a nine-step paint and coating process, which includes a zinc-phosphate coating on both the inner and outer surface of each panel.

Box-Section Steel Frame

Unlike many other SUVs which use open, "U" channel frame members, the SLX frame rails are completely enclosed. This makes the frame stronger and much more rigid, in both bending and torsion, and also aids in corrosion resistance. Designed-in "crumple zones" are configured to help absorb energy in severe front and rear impacts, helping to protect the rigid passenger cabin from distrotion. In all, the structure of the SLX is designed to the be the basis of a rugged, durable and highly secure on-and off-road vehicle.

Chassis-Body Isolation

To isolate the body and interior from road noise, vibration and harshness, specially tuned isolation bushings are used between the frame and the stamped-steel body structure. These bushings, used in 14 different locations, are designed to react in both tension and compression, helping to damp our unwanted noise and vibration.

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