1996 Acura TL- Interior


The TL features a spacious, luxury-oriented interior designed to enhance occupant comfort and convenience.Priorities included ergonomic design for all operating systems while providing ample space for all occupants.

To maximize interior space,and provide the rear occupants with ample knee and foot room, the TL was designed with a long wheelbase. A longer wheelbase allows the creation of greater cargo room and also provides a smoother ride over rough pavement. To provide easier entry and exit for the backseat occupants, the rear seats were positioned further to the rear.

The designers enhanced the feeling of spaciousness by using a horizontal styling motif that includes a sweeping, curved instrument panel and a wide wood-patterned dashboard. The sense of spaciousness is further enhanced by the low cowl height and large glass area.

For added peace of mind, the TL Series features a theft-deterrent system with
sensors that detect unauthorized door, trunk or hood opening. A new door lock design also deters the use of a slim jim to operate the lock from above.

In keeping with the Acura tradition of balanced performance, the cockpit is also designed to enhance the driving experience. The steering wheel is thickly padded and designed to encourage proper driving. Adding to the ambience of a drivers car is the gated transmission shifter.


Both the 3.2TL and 2.5TL Premium Packagemodels feature a standard leather trimmed interior. The 2.5TL features a rich cloth material for the seats and door panels. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is standard in all TL models. A leather wrapped shift knob is standard in both 3.2TL models. All models also feature a standard wood-patterned instrument panel. Both 3.2TL models also add a woodpatterned switch panel and center console as standard equipment.

Air Conditioning and Heating

All TL models feature an Automatic Climate Control System as standard equipment. This is an all-new unit that surpasses the efficiency of any previous Acura air conditioning unit. It features greater cooling capacity for quicker interior cooldown and operates more quietly than previous units. In addition, this unit can automatically maintain the preset interior temperature to within half of a degree. The cooling system uses an environmentally safe, non-CFC refrigerant.

Dual Air Bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

All TL models feature a driver's and front passengers air bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)as standard equipment. The air bags are intended to supplement the seat belts in the event of a severe frontal collision.Toensure durability and reliability, the electrical connectors for the system are gold-plated.

The front seat belts of the TL use a direct-clamping mechanism to grip the belt
near its exit from the reel. With this system, the belts effectively stay tight on the occupants, helping to reduce forward movement in the event of an impact.


The seats were designed to provide excellent fit and comfort, proper anatomical support and appropriate form-fitting to keep the driver in placeduring transient maneuvers. The construction methods and materials used help ensure that the seats will remain firm over the life of the vehicle.All TL models feature an 8-way power drivers seat with manually adjustable lumbar support. The 3.2TL Prcmium Package also features heatcd front seats and a 4-way powcr passcnger seat.

Audio System

The standard audio systcm in all TL models is an 8-speaker unit with AM/FM
stereo/cassette and compact disc player.Speaker selection and location were
determined on the basis of the bcst sound propagation and imaging. There are two 6x9-inch full-range speakers on the rear deck, one 6.5-inch full-range speaker mounted on each front door, two l.5-inch tweeters on the dash top and two 2-inch midrange speakers located in the headliner.

An anti-theft feature renders the unit inoperative if it is removed from the car,
until the proper five-digit security code is entered. The system also features a builtin CD control in case the owner chooses to install the optional trunk-mounted CD changer.

Theft-Deterrent System

All TL models feature a standard theft-dcterrent system. It uses sensors to detect unauthorized enuy and sets off the horn, flashes the lights and disables the starter system. The system monitors all doors, the hood and the trunk, and is automatically set by simply locking the doors.

Keyless Entry System

All TL models feature a standard theft-dcterrent system. It uses sensors to detect unauthorized enuy and sets off the horn, flashes the lights and disables the starter system. The system monitors all doors, the hood and the trunk, and is automatically set by simply locking the doors.

Ashtray/Coin Box

Realizing that many drivers do not smoke, the TL is designed to give its owner a choicebetween using this versatile compartment as an ashtray or using it as a coin box. For non-smokers, a velvet lined insert fits into the ashtray to convert it into a coin holder.

Large Cup Holder

Perceiving a growing consumer desire, the TL features a versatile recessed cup holder. It can hold a combination of soft drink bottles and cans.A push-open lid covers the cup holder when not in use.

Large Console Box

Toincrease convenience,all TL models are equipped with a large console box with an integral armrest. This unit contains an upper and lower tray with a combined volume of 3.9 liters. It can hold up to nine compact discs or ten cassette tapes.

Heated Door Mirrors and Front Seats

The 3.2TL Premium Packagefeatures standard heated front seats and door mirrors. Each front seat has its own dual-position temperature control.

Trunk Pass-Through

The rear seat is equipped with a trunk pass-through access hatch that can be locked from the passenger cabin. This is convenient for storing long items in the trunk such as snow skis. For convenience, the hatch can be opened from the trunk without the use of a key.

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