2002 Acura 3.2 TL -- Interior

With 110.8 cubic feet of interior volume, the TL ranks as a midsize car -- and one of the most spacious sedans in its class. To create this roomy, five-passenger cabin environment, engineers capitalized on the space efficiency provided by the TL's unit-body design and compact, multi-link rear suspension

The standard power front seats of the TL are designed to provide both enduring comfort over long drives and secure support during spirited driving maneuvers. The stitching pattern of the U.S.-sourced leather was carefully planned to ensure that it remained comfortable during extended cruises. The wide, contoured seats incorporate dual-density backrests for a soothing and enveloping feel, and also include firm side bolsters to hold the driver and front passenger in place during high lateral-g cornering.

The driver's seat is eight-way power adjustable. Linked by a memory system with the outside mirrors, it permits one of two preset configurations to be accessed at the touch of a button. The front passenger's seat is four-way adjustable.

The driver's seat includes a heated bottom cushion and backrest, while the passenger's seat offers a heated bottom cushion. Both front seats include 4-way adjustable headrests on 3.2 TL and 2-way adjustable headrests on Type-S. All five TL seating positions are equipped with three-point seat belts.

For enhanced ventilation and a sporty appearance, the seats in the Type-S are trimmed in perforated leather. The Type-S seats also feature deeper bolsters and added support for sporty driving.

Keeping the driver informed at all times is a highly accurate, micro-processor-controlled instrument cluster with displays for engine speed, vehicle speed, outside air temperature, fuel level, dual trip meter, and secured door signal. The large tachometer face includes a bright LED digital display that indicates the current gear position when the transmission is in its semi-manual SportShift mode. Illuminated pointers on the analog instruments make the gauges easy to read at a glance. The TL Type-S includes a metallic-faced instrument cluster for a sportier cockpit look.

All of the materials used inside the TL cabin were carefully selected to create an atmosphere of refinement and soothing luxury. The instrument panel and door armrests are made with a special molding process that creates a softer-feeling surface with a uniform surface grain. The sides of the center console are backed with soft foam to cushion the legs of the driver and the passenger. Wood-patterned accents on the door panel and edges of the console warm the look of the 3.2 TL interior. Type-S models with black interiors feature ebony wood-patterned accents.

For exceptional comfort and convenience, the TL is equipped with a state-of-the-art, high-capacity, automatic climate control system. The system's large compressor and evaporator help provide significantly faster cabin-temperature correction than many of the competition's models. In tests performed under hot ambient conditions, for example, the TL's front passenger cabin cooled to a comfortable target temperature 15 percent sooner than did the same area in the 2001 Lexus ES300. And thanks in part to adjustable rear seat vents positioned behind the center console, the TL's rear passenger compartment cooled a full 30 percent sooner than in the Lexus.

The TL's heater, which uses a quiet blower unit and an aluminum heater core, is similarly effective. In cold ambient conditions, the front foot wells reached their warmth target 15 percent sooner than the 2001 Lexus ES300's.

Controls on the dash allow the system to be overridden manually. When equipped with the available DVD-based Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System, the override controls for the automatic climate control system are incorporated into the computer-controlled, touchscreen LCD monitor.

To help ensure a clean, pollutant-free cabin environment, the TL's automatic climate control system is complemented by a standard micron air-filtration system that traps dust and pollen particles as small as eight microns and bacteria as small as one micron.

Only one factory-installed option is available on the fully equipped 2002 Acura TL: the DVD-based Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System. Like the similar system in the 3.5 RL flagship sedan, the TL's unit utilizes a bright, easy-to-read LCD color touchscreen display in the center dash, a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver, an on-board inertial guidance unit, and a DVD database to provide the driver with route and navigation guidance for millions of destinations across the continental United States.

Using GPS data received from orbiting satellites, plus information from the on-board inertial-guidance system, the Navigation System can determine the vehicle's precise location in seconds. Using the touchscreen display, the driver enters a destination and the Navigation System guides him there using clear audio voice cues and a detailed moving-map display. For exceptional convenience, the DVD database stores information on 3.7 million points of interest -- including ATMs, service stations, movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, and more.

The large, 6-inch color LCD display in the dash offers picture-in-picture capability, so the driver can see both a detailed map and highlighted turning instructions simultaneously. The system can display the vehicle's current position at any time, while a balloon function allows the driver to summon the address of any location simply by selecting it on the map. The system can also search for a desired destination by phone number.

In addition to the moving-map display, the system highlights route directions with clear voice instructions. Eleven different volume settings are available, and for ease of use the system automatically mutes the audio system's front speakers whenever a voice instruction is given.

The DVD-ROM database includes mapping information for all freeway networks and every major metropolitan area in the United States. Updating the Navigation System is accomplished quickly and easily by simply changing DVD discs. Updated DVDs are published annually and are available through Acura for a nominal charge.

For a car as sophisticated and luxurious as the TL, only the finest of audio systems was considered appropriate. Thus, the TL features a standard Acura/Bose Music System custom-engineered to take maximum advantage of the unique acoustics of the TL cabin.

Using data from such advanced measuring tools as microphone-equipped mannequins, Bose engineers precisely located each of the system's five speakers for optimum fidelity. Bose equalization circuitry automatically maintains proper tonal balance at all times, yielding a natural, lifelike musical experience no matter which seating position the passenger occupies.

Anchoring this remarkable music system is a 9-inch Bose Neodymium woofer in the rear package shelf. Using a rare earth, neodymium iron boron magnet, this sophisticated speaker produces powerful, accurate bass and impressive output from a remarkably slim and compact package.

Complementing the Bose speaker array is a new 6-disc, in-dash CD changer that eliminates the need for a separate trunk-mounted changer unit or CD cartridges. Though similar in appearance to a conventional single-disc in-dash CD player, the Acura/Bose in-dash changer stores up to 6 compact discs behind the flush-mounted faceplate. Operating just like a conventional trunk-mounted unit, the Acura/Bose changer can automatically shuffle tracks within one CD at random and provides hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure. For maximum flexibility, the Acura/Bose head unit also includes a cassette deck. To allow the driver to remain focused on the road ahead, the radio stations, CD changer, and system volume can be conveniently operated using controls mounted on the steering wheel.

For those occasions when the driver wants to enjoy alfresco motoring, the TL includes a standard power operated glass moonroof that can be tilted-up or fully opened. The moonroof's trim, efficient packaging ensures that it does not infringe upon the TL's abundant headroom.

The three separate CPUs in the TL--which control such functions as warning systems, intermittent wipers, and the auto-headlight system--communicate with each other via a multiplex data bus, which requires considerably less wiring and is more reliable than conventional systems.

A standard keyless remote entry system allows the driver and passenger doors to be unlocked by pressing a button on the key fob. A "panic button" on the keyless remote activates the security siren and flashes the headlights to summon assistance in an emergency. The keyless entry remotes also include a trunk-release button for easy access.

Two separate keyless remotes allow two different drivers to quickly customize the driving position to their preferred positions. When remote number one is pressed to unlock the door, the driver's seat will automatically reset itself to that driver's memorized seat position. Similarly, when remote number two is pressed, the driver's seat will automatically move to the second memory setting.

Thanks in large part to the compact dimensions of the TL's multi-link rear suspension, the trunk volume is an impressive 14.3 cubic feet. The trunk is designed with a wide opening and a low lift-over height for easy loading and unloading of cargo. To carry long items such as snow skis, the trunk features a lockable, flip-down pass-through door in the rear seat. Other trunk conveniences include a multiple-attachment cargo net, a jack and toolbox in a closed compartment, a storage compartment on the trunk's left side, an overhead hook for securing plastic grocery bags, and a tether with a hook that allows the trunk floor to be secured in the raised position for easy access to the spare tire.

The 2002 Acura TL offers a comprehensive array of handy features as standard equipment. These include:

  • Overhead sunglass storage compartment
  • Large, dual cupholder in the center console with a removable lining for easy cleaning
  • Illuminated, two-compartment console with internal power port
  • Padded center armrest slides fore and aft for comfort
  • Glove box includes damper-controlled door and interior light
  • Trunk opening switch on the driver's door panel with trunk valet on/off switch in glove compartment
  • Sliding sun visor extension
  • Illuminated power window and mirror switches at each door
  • HomeLink® remote system operates up to three different devices
  • Vehicle speed-sensitive intermittent wipers
  • Dual cupholder built into rear fold-down armrest
  • Security system with remote keyless entry and "panic button" feature
  • Automatic day/night rearview mirror
  • Lockable trunk pass-through
  • Memory driver's seat
  • Auto tilt-down passenger side mirror
  • New 4-way adjustable headrests (3.2 TL)
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