Honda of America Records Many Industry Firsts
Here, at a glance, is a list of firsts recorded by Honda of America Mfg. Inc., which is celebrating its 25th anniversary of U.S. production on Sept. 10, 2004:

  • First Japan-based automaker to build cars in the United States. (Honda Accord at Marysville Auto Plant, Nov. 1, 1982.)
  • First U.S. vehicle maker to incorporate team-style production, integrated assembly and stamping, and just-in-time parts delivery.
  • First U.S. automaker to perform a rolling model change. (Accord, from 1985 to 1986 model.)
  • First Japan-based company to build engines in the United States (Gold Wing GL motorcycle engine, Anna Engine Plant, July 1985.)
  • First U.S. automaker to use a water-borne paint system in a mass production operation. (East Liberty Auto Plant, 1989.)
  • First U.S. automaker to mass produce right- and left-hand drive automobiles on the same assembly line. (1990 Accord Coupe, Marysville Auto Plant.)
  • First Japanese-based auto company to produce luxury cars in the United States. (Acura CL, East Liberty Plant, 1997.)
  • First U.S. automaker to mass produce passenger cars propelled solely by natural gas. (Civic GX, East Liberty Plant, 1998.)
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