Family Fun

As neighborhood garages, local dealerships and favorite riding areas well attest, entire families are taking to the woods, hills, mountains and deserts of America to enjoy the sport of off-road riding. And why not? This outdoor activity creates a wholesome environment fostering family togetherness while simultaneously promoting responsibility and accountability in young people. The term "family values," is loaded with meaning for families that ride together. In the realm of motorized off-road recreation, it is manifested in the quest of families seeking quality time together in the great outdoors. And when it comes to putting dads, moms and the kids on an equal footing, there is no better equalizer than a dirt bike.

Every aspect of family off-road motorcycling builds teamwork and encourages individual initiative:

  • Planning a ride involves a check of local riding areas, plus weather, seasonal and geographical variables that impact everyone in the family
  • Inspecting the mechanical condition of the bikes and doing simple maintenance makes a great classroom session in the garage
  • Checking out the riding gear means that every piece fits each family member, many of whom are still growing
  • Loading (and unloading) the vehicles and support gear takes two or more people working together
  • Riding off-road develops physical stamina and mental acuity
  • Riding as a group builds awareness of other's riding skills and the need to help one another
  • Camping at the end of the day adds another dimension of collaboration and bonding between family members

For parents looking to make an investment in well-made machines and comfortable, protective riding gear, the battle for their dollars has never been greater. A family of four (two adults and two children) can invest upward of $15,000 in the purchase of motorcycles, a trailer and appropriate riding gear. Serving this discriminating market requires a dedication to quality, performance and an eye to staying one step ahead of the competition.

Of course, these concepts are nothing new to Honda; for years Honda has been developing a full line of off-road bikes, staggered in physical size and engine displacement to fit the specific needs of riders of different sizes and ages. Finding the right dirt bike and the gear to go with it starts off with a visit to the people who know best-the folks down at the local Honda dealership. The skilled staff is more than happy to help out and no question is too small to answer. Best of all, the showroom floor is the perfect setting to let everyone "try on" different-sized bikes as they shop for the right match.

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