Honda FCX Clarity - Technology Digest

The Technology That Will Set The Car Free For The Next Century

Core Technology

V Flow FC Stack: a revolutionary new design that takes
the fuel cell vehicle to the next level

Lightweight, compact and powerful

  • V Flow FC Stack design for thinner cells and more stable electrical generation
  • Wave flow channels for a lighter, more compact stack with significantly greater electrical generation capacity
  • - 30?° C startup a reality

Other equipment that enhances driving performance

  • Shift By Wire
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)

Safety Performance

  • Omnidirectional collision safety body design
  • Pedestrian-injury-reduction body design
  • Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) + Automatic Tensioning System (driver and front passenger seat belts)
  • Side curtain airbags
  • Side airbags (driver and front passenger)
  • Frontal airbags (driver and front passenger)
  • Hydrogen and high-voltage safety measures
  • Hydrogen refueling safety measures


Eye-catching exterior design

A futuristic design based on imaginative thinking that sweeps aside all preconceived notions

  • A dynamic, full-sized cabin, advanced packaging, and powerful performance
  • A deep, lustrous coating that changes its look with the changing light
  • An extra rear window with a polycarbonate layer for privacy

An elegant, futuristic interior

  • Luxurious interior appointments and premium features consistent with the expectations of sophisticated customers
  • Seating for four adults in luxurious comfort
  • Gauges and shifter grouped for an ergonomically-advanced cockpit
  • Honda Bio-Fabric: premium fabric made from plants
  • Climate-controlled seats (driver and front passenger)


Innovative ergonomic packaging

A revolutionary platform that takes full advantage of the layout versatility of the Honda fuel cell vehicle

  • Transformed from two boxes to one, the stack fits efficiently into the center tunnel
  • The coaxial motor and gearbox configuration contributes to the sleek short-nose design
  • The new lithium-ion battery fits neatly under the rear seat, making more room for people
  • Functionality enhanced by the single hydrogen tank, creating more rear seat and trunk space
  • Front made more compact and elegant by unifying the radiators in a three-layer configuration.


An all-new dimension in driving feel

Quiet power and a feeling that the acceleration will go on forever

  • Improvements of approximately 60% in operational efficiency, 20% in fuel efficiency, and 30% in vehicle range
  • A new quiet, high-output, high-torque, high-rpm motor
  • A new coaxial configuration of the gearbox with the motor makes the unit more compact and provides more direct power transmission
  • A powerful new lithium-ion battery provides power assist and even more efficient storage of energy regenerated in braking

More than a "green car" - it's fun to drive

  • A double-wishbone suspension for smooth handling and a comfortable, even ride.
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) integrated with Vehicle Stability Assist for enhanced handling

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