Honda FCX Clarity - Development Background

Over one hundred years have passed since the birth of the automobile. As we look for better ways to create and harness energy for transportation, Honda remains focused on creating sustainable mobility. We are looking toward the next hundred years and exploring the challenge of new fuels and powerplants. We're working to keep the dream of personal mobility alive for generations yet to come.

It's the realization of a dream. And the beginning of another.

We want to create cars that make people's lives more fun, and develop technologies that bring new value to our customers and society. That's what Honda and its engineers are after - to share the value that the automobile has to offer with people around the world. Therefore we have put our own ideas to work creating exciting new technology: taking the lead and taking the initiative, we are aiming to create the future of the automobile.

At the same time, we recognize that the planet faces urgent problems, such as global warming, atmospheric pollution and resource depletion; and that the automobile is having a significant impact on our environment. We want to help preserve a healthy environment to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy mobility. We recognize our responsibility to face these problems squarely and are taking up the challenge of developing more environmentally responsible technologies.

Fuel cell vehicles, which run on hydrogen and emit no CO2 or other harmful emissions, may be the key to securing a bright future for the automobile in society. Honda became the world's first carmaker to put a fuel cell car on the road with regular customers, delivering the Honda FCX to fleet users in the United States and Japan in 2002. We have continued to improve performance, range and efficiency, overcoming the daunting challenge of cold weather operation, and delivering vehicles to additional fleet users and to private individuals. We have been working constantly, with a clear focus on the customer and real-world deployments, toward the full-scale commercialization of fuel cell vehicles worldwide.

Now we're ready to make another great leap forward, introducing a fuel cell vehicle that delivers superior environmental performance and is fun to drive. The FCX Clarity embodies Honda's innovative spirit, environmental vision, and uncompromising approach to product quality and performance. This all-new Honda fuel cell vehicle addresses environmental issues in a comprehensive fashion, with elegance, integrity and a level of driving performance that customers expect from Honda. The automobile of the future is here today.

The automobile holds the potential for limitless dreams and excitement in the future. The FCX Clarity represents the beginning of that future. We hope you will continue to look to Honda with anticipation. For us, the challenge has only just begun.

FCX Clarity Project Leader
Sachito Fujimoto

Senior Chief Engineer
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Sachito Fujimoto joined Honda in 1981. He worked on the development of engines for the Accord, Civic and other models before joining the fuel cell vehicle team in 1999. He served as the Project Leader for the powerplant and as Assistant Large Project Leader for both the 2000 and 2003 FCX models. In 2003, he was appointed Large Project Leader for the 2005 FCX. Fujimoto is currently Large Project Leader for the FCX Clarity.

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