Honda Marine Introduces NMMA-Approved Motor Oil

Honda Marine now offers its customers a new, FC-W™ (Four-Stroke Cycle, Water-Cooled Gasoline Engine Lubricant) approved 10W-30 motor oil. Tested by Honda Research and Development and certified for use in all Honda Marine engines, the new oil fully complies with Honda's service and warranty requirements and will be available exclusively through Honda Marine dealers.

Benefits of FC-W™ approved oils over conventional automotive-style motor oils include:

  • Increased rust and oxidation inhibitors to fight corrosion in the marine environment;
  • Shear-stable polymers to resist viscosity breakdown under high rpm and high load conditions;
  • Better anti-foaming characteristics to better protect the engine at high rpm;
  • Excellent performance in High Temperature High Shear Viscosity test to ensure viscosity retention despite the fuel dilution associated with marine engines;
  • Additional anti-wear additives for better bearing protection

Honda Marine began the four-stroke outboard revolution over 40 years ago. As other manufacturers realized the benefits of the technology and followed suit, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) considered it necessary to develop an engine oil category specifically for marine four-stroke engines. The NMMA tapped lubrication experts to develop testing criteria for marine four-stroke oil, including bench tests for viscosity, corrosion, filter plugging, foaming and aeration. In addition, the oil must successfully pass a 100-hour general performance engine test. Once tested and sanctioned by an approved testing laboratory, the oil's formulation is licensed and registered.

Synonymous with a proud legacy of innovation and leadership, Honda Marine has remained at the forefront of 4-stroke outboard performance, technology and quality for more than 40 years, working to continually change the shape of the marine industry.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 1,400 member companies that produce an estimated 80% of the marine products used in North America. Its members include boat, accessory and engine manufacturers as well as others that support these businesses.

Editor's Note:
FC-W™ lubricants have demonstrated the necessary performance and quality needed need in today's high performance four-stroke engines. The next time you are purchasing four-stroke oil for your marine engine, look for the FC-W™ trademark.

Honda Marine, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of outboard marine engines. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by environmentally advanced 4-stroke engines.

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