• Honda Trimmers Background Information
    Honda HHT25S LTA Trimmer
    03/30/2011 - Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of premium four-stroke string trimmers for commercial and residential applications. The product line offers the latest in innovation and technology and consists of three trimmer models, ...
  • Honda Enhances Its Trimmer Lineup with the New HHT31S
    Honda HHT25S LTA Trimmer
    01/05/2003 - The new Honda HHT31S hand held trimmer replaces the UMK431 as the next generation of Honda's most powerful trimmer model, and joins the all-new lightweight HHT25S trimmer in Honda Power Equipment's 2003 lineup. The HHT31S is ai...
  • Honda Introduces The All-New HHT25S LTA Trimmer
    Honda HHT25S LTA Trimmer
    07/19/2002 - Honda Power Equipment has introduced the all-new HHT25S LTA four-stroke trimmer aimed at the commercial, rental, and premium residential markets. The new 360o inclinable trimmer promises to be the lightest and quietest of its kind wi...