Honda V-Twin Engine: User Benefits

1. Is maintenance easier with the new Honda V-Twin models?

The new V-Twin engine's multi-layer density gradient air filter has an improved filter media that reduces the frequency of replacement. The engine's oil level switch now is accessible externally for ease of repair or maintenance. In addition, since the new VTwin integrates the cylinder and head into one unit, it eliminates the head gasket and head bolts, which equals fewer overall parts - also eliminating any potential for head gasket issues.

2. Describe how the fuel filter has been improved on the new Honda V-Twin engine.

The fuel filter on the new V-Twin engine is significantly improved over existing models - from a nylon 59 micrometer grain passage to a paper 20 micrometer grain passage. Another new feature is a change in filtration area from 7.2 square centimeters to 108 square centimeters. Both of these design enhancements improve the capture of dirt in the fuel system.

3. Is maintenance different depending on the horizontal or vertical orientations of the models? Is it easy to check to see how much oil is remaining in either configuration?

Maintenance schedules are similar for both horizontal and vertical orientations of V-Twin models. Regardless, the enhanced design allows for easier monitoring of oil levels.

4. Do the Honda V-Twin engines have any optional equipment?

Yes. These optional features include:

  • Carburetor heater
  • LED indicator (in control box)
  • Hour meter (in control box)
  • Prematched option for popular canister air filter
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