HP²S Honda Portable Power Systems - UTS Features And Benefits

The Basics
The brain behind the HP2S is the American Power Conversion (APC) Universal Transfer Switch (UTS), the only transfer switch that can transfer power without interruption. The UTS, which has received the UL1008 mark, smoothly transfers power from utility to alternative, generator power.

The HP2S UTS is available in a variety of configurations:

  • 6 circuit, 120-volts

  • 6 circuit, 120-volts/240 volts

  • 10 circuit, 120-volts/240 volts

The UTS conveniently distributes power from 6 to 10 circuits automatically. The HP2S provides power to circuits via two backup sources:

  • One 240-volt source, the Honda generator

  • One 120-volt source, the UPS (or an alternate source, such as portable inverter, solar panel or wind power)

The HP2S, which utilizes the UTS and a UPS, provides superior performance to either component used alone:

  • When the utility power is interrupted, the UPS immediately powers selected emergency circuits, such as lights on stairs, lights in the garage or garage door opener.

  • The immediate transfer of power makes life easier and reduces anxiety for the HP2S system owner, who has lights and a way to open the garage door to help get the generator into operation quickly and easily.

HP2S Operation

While conventional transfer switches distribute all available power across their connected systems, the HP2S UTS uses advanced load-shedding technology to draw from its Honda generator power plant only the wattage required to power the pre-programmed systems.

The HP2S UTS is easy to install and easy to use. Upon installation of the UTS by a certified electrician, the homeowner programs the transfer switch in advance, pre-selecting the appliances or electrical systems to be powered during an outage. The UTS is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly set-up wizard that guides the user through initial configuration and selection of the appliances or circuits to be served by the HP2S.

When an outage occurs and the user powers up the generator, the UTS automatically detects generator power and engages the pre-selected circuits, eliminating the need for the user to take the extra step of manually flipping the switches required on a conventional transfer switch.

  • As the generator operates, the UTS intelligently monitors electricity usage, directing the generator to temporarily cut back - or shed - power to some systems and deliver power to others on demand. This adaptive load management capability maximizes generator output and fuel economy.

Advanced Features

  • The UTS Monitors power and energy usage:

    • 4-quadrant, true power measurements on all circuits

    • DSP measures each circuit 64 times per cycle

    • Power and energy measurements are always available, whether on utility, generator or UPS

  • The conservation mode can turn down the rating of the generator during fuel shortage.

  • The vacation mode cycles lighting circuits for security, independent of a utility outage.

  • LED indicators indicate whether utility, generator or UPS power is on and illuminate when power is being provided to a circuit.

  • The generator and UPS inlets connect to a 240-volt power source such as a generator and a 120-volt power source such as the UPS.

  • LCD alphanumeric display provides status of power sources and circuits, and issues warnings about their changing conditions.

  • The convenience outlet powers and charges a UPS or other 120-volt power source; the system also is UL1008 certified.

  • The UTS set-up wizard guides the user through the initial setup and configuration of backup sources and circuits

  • Two key features of fully automatic back-up:

    • Fully automatic (limited capacity) up to 865-watts with UPS for up to 16 minutes

    • Fully automatic (full capacity) generator start/stop with optional cord set accessory

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