EPS in the Real World

Every once in a while somebody comes up with something that makes you say, "Why didn't I think of that?" We're talking about the kind of stuff that changed the world we live in. Velcro. Duct tape. Microwave popcorn. Beef jerky. The remote control. You have to wonder what life today would be like without these amazing inventions.

Years from now, we may look back on the evolution of ATV technology and wonder the same thing about power steering. One ride on the Foreman with Electric Power Steering (EPS™) will change the way you look at ATVs.

What makes EPS so revolutionary? Start with the power assistance, which means the Foreman takes significantly less effort to steer in all conditions. This is similar to the benefit of power steering in an automobile. What makes Honda's EPS so significant in an ATV application is the amount of steering damping it provides, which means a significant reduction in the kickback through the handlebar that a rider feels when encountering a rock or other obstacle.

Put simply: This system reduces the jarring in rough terrain. Rocks that normally try to deflect the wheels and create a workout for the rider can now be addressed with ease. The suspension moves up and down without the handlebars moving side to side. Yet through its multiple sensors and ATV-specific design, the system keeps you directly connected, offering great feedback and natural steering feel. And the system works at idle, which means you get maximum assistance when you find yourself wedged between a rock and a hard place. With EPS, you can more easily steer right out of these predicaments.

With EPS, the Foreman reduces steering effort and damps out the majority of bump-induced jarring a rider feels in rough terrain, which can dramatically reduce rider fatigue. There is simply less for the rider to deal with, especially in rocky, rutted terrain.

For most people that means extended riding days. New riding areas and experiences will open up because this technology will make them more accessible to more people. It will make hauling loads easier for people who use their ATV for farming and other industrial applications, especially such chores as plowing or towing. It will allow people who are not as strong to extend their riding envelope of time and effort.

EPS completely changes the ATV riding experience. While the system adds 15 pounds to the weight of the standard Foreman 500, the EPS-equipped Foreman responds to rider inputs as if it were 75 pounds lighter. Smoother, easier to ride in rough terrain, the Foreman with EPS is a magic carpet ride the likes of which ATV riders have never experienced. Like your favorite remote control, you'll wonder how you ever got through a day without it.

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