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2014 Honda Interceptor Features and Benefits

Jun 10, 2014 — Honda's iconic V-4 powerplants have an alluring character all their own, a unique combination of torque, an aggressive rush of power as the tach needle swings up into the meaty part of the powerband, and a certain texture to the engine

2014 Honda Interceptor

2014 Honda Interceptor Development

Jun 10, 2014 — The Interceptor® stakes out a special standing in the world of motorcycles, one that uniquely defines what only Honda can deliver.

2015 Honda CRF250R - Features and Benefits

Jun 3, 2014 — In 2014, the Honda CRF250R earned another AMA 250 Supercross championship, and was the ride of choice for Supercross riders.

2015 Honda CRF450R - Features and Benefits

Jun 3, 2014 — The new CRF450R features innovations forged by competition at the highest levels.

2015 Honda NM4 Features and Benefits

Apr 1, 2014 — If you’ve ever wanted to transport yourself into the future, this is your machine. By design, the NM4 shakes up the status quo and explodes conventional barriers in order to attract a whole new segment of forward-thinking riders to motorcycling.

2015 Honda NM4 Specifications

Mar 31, 2014 — 2015 Honda NM4 Specifications