Canard Scores an Impressive Third Overall at the 46th annual Hangtown Classic

This past Saturday, the Prairie City OHV Park in Sacramento, CA hosted the 46th running of the GoPro Hangtown Motocross Classic for round two of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series. Team Honda Muscle Milk's Trey Canard claimed his second podium finish of the season with a hard-fought third overall, while teammate Justin Barcia's 4-5 scores were enough to log him fifth.

450 Race
For the second consecutive week, Trey Canard landed his Team Honda Muscle Milk CRF450R on the podium with a third overall. It all began in the morning's timed qualifying practice, where Canard scored the second quickest time of the day. In moto one he launched off the line to a fifth-place start but quickly snuck into third by turn two. He kept the front-runners in his sights for the first half of the 30-minute plus two-lap race, before taking the checkered in third. In the second moto, Canard put on an incredible show, letting his true potential shine with a remarkable come-from-behind performance. After the gate dropped, he rounded the first turn outside the top 20 and quickly began negotiating his way around the competition. By the half way mark he had worked his way into sixth, but he wasn't finished there. He continued to lay down consistently faster lap times then the riders in front of him and by the checkered flag he had made his way into fourth.

"Moto one went well for me. I got a pretty good start and moved into third behind Kenny (Roczen) and Ryan (Dungey) a few turns in. I stayed with them for about half of the race but they slowly kept pulling away," explained Canard. "I was able to maintain third for the rest of the race. I wasn't completely happy with my setup so we made some changes before the second moto and it was such a big help."

Canard continued by saying, "It's hard to do that between races because you don't know how the bike is going to react but it was definitely a positive and I felt very comfortable. In the second moto, my start position wasn't good and I got tangled with some other riders in the first couple corners, which sent me even further back. I was really bummed about it because halfway through the moto I was really comfortable but I know that every point counts in Motocross and things can change very quickly so I wanted to just do the best that I could and recover as many points as possible. I was just having a lot of fun; it feels really good to ride a motorcycle that you're comfortable on."

Teammate Justin Barcia battled throughout the afternoon to finish fifth overall with 4-5 marks. In moto one, Barcia propelled his CRF450R off the line to a top-10 start and worked his way into fourth before settling into a pace that left him mistake-free until the checkered. During the second moto he scored an even better start and was sitting in second by the completion of the first lap. He made multiple attempts to pass for the lead but a mistake caused him to fall back to fourth. He swapped positions numerous times before taking the checkered in fifth.

"My finishes were okay but overall I am not happy with how today went," Barcia said. "I felt really good in the second practice but times were slower than the first so I still didn't get the best gate pick in moto one. My start was okay and I was able to finish fourth. In the second moto I got a good start and ran in second for a while. I kept trying to pass Brett (Metcalf) for the lead and in the process made a mistake and let Ken (Roczen) by me. From there I just tightened up and fell back to fifth by the end. The track was really gnarly with huge braking bumps coming down the hills and deep ruts in the turns. My bike was working pretty good but we still have some work to do heading into Colorado."

250 Race
The Muscle Milk-backed GEICO Honda squad had its challenges throughout the day, but was still able to walk away with all three riders in the top 10. Zach Bell lead the charge for the team with a score of 5-12 for an eighth-place overall finish. "I'm really excited about my performance, especially in the first moto," stated Bell. "It's been a long time coming for me with all of my injuries and setbacks. I got a nice holeshot in the first moto and was leading for a while before making a few mistakes and falling to fifth. I missed a shift in the second moto, so didn't get a great start and from there was forced to play catch up. I'm making a lot of improvements and so grateful to have such an awesome team behind me."
In moto one, teammate Matt Bisceglia got shut out in the first turn, sending him towards the back of the pack. He spent the remainder of the 30-minute plus two-lap race charging through the competition, ultimately finishing 13th. Bisceglia launched his CRF250R off the line to a top-five start in moto two and was running in fourth until succumbing to the summer heat and falling back to eighth.

Following a third-place finish in moto one, Muscle Milk-supported GEICO Honda rider Justin Bogle was running in the top five during the second race of the day when he went down hard and was unable to return to the competition. Despite his tough second moto, Bogle was still able to score 10th overall.

Troy Lee Designs/ Lucas Oil/Honda's Malcolm Stewart put together another respectable ride at the Northern California track, logging ninth overall with 10-7 marks. In the 250 competition, teammate Jessy Nelson had an impressive showing, finishing fifth-place overall with 7-5 scores.

The Focus: USADA Joins Motocross
For the 2014 season, MX Sports has joined forces with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to implement a comprehensive anti-doping program in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. With our sport reaching such a competitive level the implementation of USADA in our sport will help ensure that the playing field is level for all athletes.

USADA is responsible for the testing and results management process for athletes in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs. Information on the World Anti-Doping Agency Code or the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is available at

450 Class Overall Results
1. Ken Roczen 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey 2-2
3. Trey Canard (Honda) 3-4
4. James Stewart 5-3
5. Justin Barcia (Honda) 4-5
6. Weston Peick 8-6
7. Jake Weimer 7-8
8. Brett Metcalf 6-9
9. Malcolm Stewart (Honda) 10-7
10. Chad Reed 11-12

450 Class Championship Points (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1. Ken Roczen 94
2. Ryan Dungey 89
3. Trey Canard 72
4. James Stewart 66
5. Brett Metcalf 61
6. Justin Barcia 52
7. Weston Peick 52
8. Jake Weimer 52
9. Malcolm Stewart 51
10. Josh Grant 43

250 Class Overall Results
1. Jeremy Martin 1-1
2. Cooper Webb 2-2
3. Christopher Pourcel 8-3
4. Justin Hill 4-6
5. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 7-5
6. Jason Anderson 10-4
7. Marvin Musquin 10-8
8. Zach Bell (Honda) 5-12
9. Matt Bisceglia (Honda) 13-8
10. Justin Bogle (Honda) 3-35

250 Class Championship Points (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1. Jeremy Martin 100
2. Cooper Webb 88
3. Christopher Pourcel 63
4. Jessy Nelson 51
5. Marvin Musquin 50
6. Jason Anderson 49
7. Justin Bogle 48

8. Blake Baggett 48
9. Matt Bisceglia 45
10. Justin Hill 43

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