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Honda Pumps Brochure PDF Download

Use the link above to download the Honda Pumps brochure in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Honda WB20X Pump

Honda Pumps Background Information

Mar 30, 2011 — Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of portable water pumps for a wide variety of agricultural, construction, rental, and residential applications. The product line consists of rugged, easy-to-use models in four different cate...

Honda WX10T Pump

Honda Power Equipment Introduces a New Generation of Lightweight Water Pumps

Mar 16, 2005 — Honda Power Equipment will introduce an all-new version of its popular WX10 lightweight water pump featuring Honda's most advanced mini four-stroke engine, the company recently announced. The WX10K1 replaces the WX10A4 in the ...

Honda WB30XT Pump

Honda Power Equipment Launches New General Purpose Construction Pumps

Feb 16, 2004 — Honda Power Equipment announces the introduction of new WB series water pumps for commercial and rental applications that deliver the brand's renowned premium performance and quality at a reduced price. The new WB20 and WB30 pump...

Honda WT30X Pump

Honda Power Equipment Introduces A New Generation Of Trash Pumps

Jul 19, 2002 — Honda's Power Equipment Division's newest generation of WT trash pumps have been re-engineered for even greater output capacity, durability, and serviceability to meet the rigorous demands of the construction market. The new pumps a...