2016 Honda Civic Tour Announcement – New York Press Briefing Remarks

Nicholas Lee, National Advertising Manager, Honda Brand

Nicholas Lee:

Honda has been involved in supporting music for more than a decade and a half and this year, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of "Honda Civic Tour".

Our connection with music encompasses several key consumer platforms from the long running, and highly successful Civic Tour to partnerships with some of the nation's premier music festivals to Honda Stage – an online music channel that has received more than a billion views since its launch almost two years ago.

And, if you're a music fan, you should check out some of the exclusive performances from the industry's hottest artists at YouTube dot-com - slash - HondaStage.

Through all of these music initiatives, Honda engages with music enthusiasts and connects them to our brand in new and innovative ways.

We launched the Honda Civic Tour in 2001, and immediately made a huge impression with both fans and artists alike including headliners like- blink-182, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Fall Out Boy and, just last year, One Direction.

And 2015 wasn't just a successful year- it was one for the history books.

One Direction set new Civic Tour records, including over 600,000 attendees 120 million social media interactions and nearly 3 billion hashtag impressions!

Those are pretty impressive stats! Civic Tour has clearly established itself as one of the Nation's most successful concert tour franchises in music history with over 4.2 million fans attending since its inception.

And it continues to gain momentum!

Every year it offers concert goers an exclusive experience featuring events all across the United States.
The 2016 Honda Civic Tour is gearing up for its most exciting year ever.

And you don't have to wait any longer to learn who this year's artists will be.

I'm excited to announce that the 2016 Honda Civic Tour headliner - includes not one, but two of the biggest stars in pop music today, who have an incredible international fan base, and a few of them are here with us today.

Please welcome our 2016 Honda Civic Tour headliners…Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas!

Demi and Nick, thank you so much for being here!

Demi Lovato:

Thank you Nick! We're thrilled to be here!

We are looking forward to headlining the 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Future Now.

Nick Jonas:

We are creating a show unlike anything else, and we can't wait to share the experience with our fans.

Thanks to Honda for partnering with us – it's going to be a great summer!

Nick Lee:

In a long standing Civic Tour tradition, all of the headlining performers design their very own custom Civic that one lucky fan gets to take home at the conclusion of the tour!

Let's take a look at the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan that Demi customized!

Demi, tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your custom Civic.

Demi Lovato:

Designing the Civic was a lot of fun for me.

The story behind the design references my journey.

Here's a car that was once matte black and that black has been peeled away by speed to reveal this really powerful rose gold color.

It looks like it's in motion.

Nick Lee:

Nick also got a chance to customize a Honda vehicle a Honda Grom motorcycle.

Nick, tell us about your choice for this look and these colors your made for your bike.

Nick Jonas:

I was inspired by a 1940s European military watch and a cool color combination of titanium and dark green.

There is a teaser of the bike in the announcement video and I'm excited for everyone to see it once it's ready.

Demi Lovato:

Thank you – it's great to hear about the creative process behind designing these one-of-a-kind vehicles, Demi's Civic and Nick's Grom motorcycle will be on display at every Honda Civic Tour stop this summer.

Also, anyone can enter for a chance to win the custom Civic, along with the custom Honda Grom and other exclusive opportunities during the Tour.

As if this car wasn't cool enough, Demi Lovato is going to sign the car right here, right now!

Thank you Nick and Demi for being here today!

Ladies and gentlemen- Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato!

And, before we close things out, I want to reveal a few more details about this year's Tour.

The schedule just went live today and tickets are on sale now, including a "Buy 2 Tickets, Get 2" promotion. So, for the next 7 days – through Monday March 28th – anyone can purchase a set of 4 tickets at any price point and receive a 50 percent discount.
Of course, that is while supplies last.

We're also announcing a special "Power of Dreams VIP Sweepstakes."

At each Civic Tour stop - One lucky winner and a guest will be given the ultimate fan prize.

This will include a special backstage tour, and a meet and greet with Nick and Demi before the show!

Go to Honda Civic Tour – DOT COM for more information on tour dates, tickets, and the latest videos, photos and promotions throughout the tour.

From Nick and Demi and the whole team behind music here at Honda, thanks for joining us today and we look forward to seeing you on the Honda Civic Tour this summer.

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